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Exchange rate risk does not have to be an obstacle to your export (and/or import) growth. Managing your risks to support strong growth comes at a cost, but not doing so is even more costly.

Companies are increasingly looking for growth in foreign markets. Having a foreign exchange risk management policy is an essential element of a sound gouvernance for profitable and sustainable growth. D-Risk FX Budget & BI, an essential competitive asset for any company.

SME exporters and/or importers...

Treasurisks, with its D-Risk FX Budget & BI web platform, works in partnership with companies with activities in foreign markets.

Who seek to integrate their foreign exchange risk management with their foreign market presence in order to reduce costs

The process of assessing and managing risk within the company is dependent on, among other things, the following factors:

SME do not always have the dedicated and specialized resources to manage foreign exchange risk, even though it is a key element of the company's international strategy.

Take control of your foreign exchange risk management by offering you the experience and expertise of D-Risk FX Budget & BI. For a fraction of the cost of a specialized and dedicated in-house resource, become autonomous.
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