D-Risk FX Budget & BI

The D-Risk Difference

More than a multi-currency SaaS performance management platform, a budget planning tool designed for SMEs

D-Risk supports your budget process. Through its various sections, it allows you not only to establish your budget and coverage strategies, but also to monitor them and perform scenario analyses to evaluate the robustness of your business model.

Multidevices budget management
Summary of your risks to the budget section

Allows you to see an up-to-date multi-currency income statement, the allocation of your costs and your exposure to different currencies.

Measure the impact on the profitability of your business lines or your different export markets, based on your exchange rate scenarios,

Easily identify the risk/profitability profile of your products and markets.

Easily answer questions such as:

Hedging Strategy Section

Establish different hedging strategies:

Validate the robustness of the strategy in the event of a scenario divergence

Easily answer questions such as:

Profitability monitoring section

Once the strategies have been implemented, have a follow-up of your performance on a remain-to- be done basis, according to the daily rate.

See the differences in your budgets and profitability in real-time in your different export markets and according to your imports.

Determine your intervention thresholds to limit a loss or secure a gain.

Easily answer questions such as:

Monitor the performance of each of your markets, taking into account the effectiveness of your hedging strategy. Don't just notice your deviations from the budget, anticipate them to better control them.