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Treasurisks Inc. ("Treasurisks") was founded following the findings that:
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Gilles Vigneau - D-risk fx

Gilles Vigneau

MBA, ASC, C. Dir.

Gilles Vigneau spent more than twenty-five years on the financial markets, working for major Canadian and international banks, either as a trader, consultant or in management. He specialized in financing, investments and hedging products for a clientele of governments, large corporations and pension funds.  He is one of the pioneers of derivative product in Quebec. He is also  certified corporate director.

Jean-Philippe Lejeune


Jean-Philippe Lejeune is passionate about finance and software development. He has extensive experience in these two areas, either as a quantitative analyst or as an IT specialist in investment. He has had the opportunity to work within firms of different sizes, from start-ups and SME  to large financial institutions. Jean-Philippe holds a Masters degree from Laval University as well as the CFA designation.

Marion Fléché

M.Sc, MA

Marion Fléché has long had a particular interest in software development, new technologies, economics and finance. Her passions led her to complete several university degrees, including a Master’s in Market and Business Economics and an Engineering Diploma in Software Development, both in France, as well as a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence at the Université de Sherbrooke. At the same time, Marion developed her skills through several experiences in consulting and software development.

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