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Multi-currency and multi-market cloud-based decision support platform. It offers SME performance, risk and test scenario analyses, broken down by market, currency and business line, with a tailor-made hedging strategy and real-time monitoring of the company's anticipated performance.

Don't just notice your budget deviations, anticipate them to better control them!

Treasury functions are and will be changed by digital transformation. These new technologies are transforming the way we need to think about treasury and, more specifically, currency risk management.

On inflation, central banks have been stating all along that inflation would fade out fast, and it seems they have been proven right. Inflation is generally slowing down.

Comparing indicators such as profitability due to currency movements, based on 4 simulated situations, can ensure that the strategy in place will continue to be effective.

In the previous article [1], we discussed the importance of clearly defining our attitude to foreign exchange risk and using tolerance as a guide to an adequate "degree" of exposure for your business.

Expanding business abroad is a source of growth, but it also entails risks for SMEs. It is also complex to monitor the successive impacts of exchange rates on the company's anticipated performance

Your company's currency risk management approach begins with verbalizing your attitude toward risk. Here are 2 questions to start your reflection with...

Developing business abroad is a source of growth but involves risks for SMEs.

Economies around the world continue to be affected by events in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia.

Expanding business abroad is a source of growth, but it also entails risks for SMEs.

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